Amazing features of Oppo f7

Amazing features of Oppo 7!!

The launching date of Oppo f7 is just a few days away after months of waiting. We hope you are excited about this new launch of Oppo f7. Does it exist up to its huge hype? So here we are with some amazing features of Oppo f7.

2K/QHD Display

Oppo f7 will come with a 2550 x 1440 QHD display, and it is not any secret, but it is still a sight to observe. With a 5.5-inch display, it coupled with a super-high resolution and Super Screen 2.0 technology. So what I want to say is it has an unbelievable 538ppi count. Now no more think of Retina or Super AMOLED Display; the Oppo f7 will leave every competitor at present (until any other competition especially Apple comes out with its reported Ultra Retina Display…)

MaxxAudio Mobile Technology

The Oppo f7 is said to be the first smartphone in the world to that have rocking MaxxAudio speaker; even they said that these speakers would give excellent audio quality with fabulous bass, together. It further heightened MaxxEQ Equalizer app for balanced and better sound. Let’s see it can reach the level of HTC’s much-praised BoomSound speakers or give more than that.

Super Zoom

So one of the exiting features of this charming smartphone is the superzoom camera. We find that Oppo f7 does not come with a high 50MP rear camera as many people thought but it will come option of “conservative” 13MP shooter, that can however moderately reach 50MP-quality image artificially by using the Super Zoom characteristic. The mode of work is simple it will continuously click ten photos and then merges them all into a single 50MP image. Even IMX214 CMOS camera also capable of recording 4K videos and as slow-motion shoot videos at 120fps. Commonly with a 5MP front-facing camera, the Oppo f7 is an excellent camera phone.

VOOC Fast-Charging Technology

Oppo f7 is not only given excellent 3,000 mAh battery, but they also introduced a new fast-charging technology which is known as VOOC. VOOC will charge your device starting from 0% to 75% of its potential in just 30 minutes. Moreover, a minor 5-minute charging is sufficient for users to make a 2-hour on call. And no worry about heating of smartphone as the user will not feel any heat while charging the device and it is due to its five layers of thermal protective coating.

Skyline Notification

Skyline Notification is purely for aesthetic purpose, but you can’t neglect it. It is built with a classic notification strip at the bottom which glow in a periodic interval as it starts receiving notifications such as messages, missed calls, and new messages. Besides presenting a very futuristic look to the smartphone, without a doubt the massive notification light will also make it simpler for users to notice all new notifications as exposed to a small light on the upper side in many smartphones nowadays, which can easily miss.

It is all about the amazing features of Oppo f7, Do these features influence you to buy the Oppo f7? Share your thoughts and views on this device using the comment section below.