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Facebook is frequently working on providing the new sources and paths along with the currently available features.  As a part of it, Facebook is going to initiate the work concern to the users allowed to monitor their time provided for facebook application. Facebook is a social media platform that is handled by each and every one of us from the younger age to old age people nowadays. Facebook updates – Daily reminders are listed in the updated version. It will be rare news that a person not holding a facebook account at present. So we can surely say that majority of people shown their interest in Facebook updated events only. By making such an option as their trademark, the organization stands on effective towards the development of the present application.


Track Spent Time on Facebook

No one smartphone is there without having a Facebook application and facebook account. This is the basic free communication platform for all kinds of people and that can able to connect throughout the world. In payment gateway, WhatsApp tagged with facebook for the safety purpose of users. Now here we are going to explore the information of update recently placed in facebook that can able to specify the time duration spent on Facebook for a user. By updating this option, we can easily measure or calculate the time that we have been allotted for facebook in a day or in a week. To know this information, we should download the application with an updated version on our smartphones.

Facebook Updated APPlication

As per the report published by Tech Crunch, Facebook has been upgraded with the option” Your Time on Facebook”. If you are using the old version of FB application, need to update from play store and then observe the changes. Let us do this and make a visibility of updated option. It will illustrate the time spent on using Facebook in every day repeatedly. However we are into the application for multiple times, that will describe the average time period for a whole day by including the time slots given for each time of reopening the application.

And also it will be able to make us to be alert once we crossed the daily limit of time that has been allotted for facebook application. This is the major and very useful option which can make the users to stop the phenomenon of time waste session. By making us to be alert, we can realize yourself and stop using the app on that day. So Is it useful? Or Not? Exactly a required option among the users in order to save the time instantly. As the people are addicted towards facebook, they are going to lose their valuable time for unwanted things sometimes. Having the proper measure and classification of a time period is very important to turn into success corner in the life. So to reach the desires, no other extra option should not disturb us while we are on the internet.

facebook updates daily reminders

Facebook Updated Series

To get the alert of reminder showing the time, a user needs to change the settings at first by specifying a particular time. Settings for time limit will appear in notifications column of Facebook application. At first, this updated session was received by tipser Jane Manchum Wong. On the day of Facebook updates releasing event, a spokesperson told that they are going to be work more with new ways and new options that will help the users to use the application very well.

A huge number of users are liked and feeling happy by hearing this updated news. Because this is all belongs to the section of benefits made for users only. This is the major tool in Facebook to manage the time in a proper way while we are having any other important tasks in a day. Apple and Google footsteps are also seemed to be applicable with worldwide developer conference in Apple and screen time features at ios 12. There is a little difference in the functionality of both the updated versions in Android and Apple phones. If a person having two mobile phone and each with facebook application, they will separately get the reminder for both mobiles while the user turns into usage for each app.

Calculate time spent for the Facebook app

Instagram is also coming into the existence of using such an option called “your time on Instagram”. Some features in both Facebook and Instagram have been changed, that is like time limit and option appeared field, etc. Please keep in mind that application is fully effective and desirable to reach the functionality in a proper way.

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The only concept is that the use of customer representation only. This will allow the user in different ways directly from partners, Directly from customers and also the combination of both. Being a side from sharing the needs of users in all concepts while they are into facebook application. Sometimes we felt tired to get the perfect steps of an updated version. Now it is easy following the service here.

Update Facebook on Your Mobile

Facebook is attracting us with making their videos with our tags and uploads. And that will post at first at the timeline on the occasion of users birthday. This will also remind the dates that two persons made friends on facebook and that will display on a timeline at first place. These all will use the users to know the quality of communication, we can maintain through this application. We can create a big world, big community, big marketplace and more. Instagram based emoji stickers are also appear now on facebook. GIF videos through chat box for any occasion will display.

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