First mobile phone network on moon

first mobile phone network on moon

When is Mobile usage on Moon?

It’s time to get the first mobile network on the moon next year that is in the upcoming year 2019 that will enable HD streaming from the lunar landscape back to earth and this project fund under the private mission. So the moon is about to get its very own mobile phone network with the help of Vodafone Germany, Nokia and PTC scientist.

Who is launching it?

Yes, you read correctly, and this article is also on a first mobile network on the moon.  Vodafone Germany and Nokia teamed with each other and built the first 4G network on a moon in 2019, it will also support by a private lunar rover mission by the Berlin-based team named as PartTimeScientists or PTScientists. This group competed in the competition of Google Lunar X, a race to the moon that will end in March 2018 with no winners. Though the race to the moon is not over for PTScientists, it continues with this project. They aim to launch two small rovers and a lander on the moon during the 50th-anniversary year of NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing from Cape Canaveral, Florida on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Vodafone Germany announced the moon’s 4G network on  27 February, Tuesday, will support by PTScientists’ twin Audi Quattro rovers and their lander Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module. PTScientists will use its rovers for case study the lunar rover which was used by the Apollo 17 spacewalkers during their historic mission to the moon’s Taurus-Littrow Valley, in December 1972.

Vodafone selects Nokia Bell Labs:

Vodafone selects Nokia Bell Labs to create “space-grade ultra-compact network” with gear, which weighs less than one kilogram, and Vodafone will utilize it to set up the 4G network that connects two Audi lunar Quattro rovers to a base station.

Under the plan, PTScientists will use the 4G network to broadcast first live video from a surface of the moon. The signal will operate in the 1,800-MHz frequency band, and according to their statement, it will broadcast to a worldwide audience through a deep space link that connects with the server in the Mission Control Centre in Berlin to the PTScientists

Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter said, “This project involves a radically innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure, and it is also a great example of an independent, multi-skilled team achieving an objective of immense significance through their courage, pioneering spirit and inventiveness.”

Supporting the feature Technology:

first mobile phone network on moon 2

Marcus Weldon, chief technology officer at Nokia and president of Bell Labs, said “This important mission is supporting, among other things, the development of new space-grade technologies for future data networking, processing, and storage. And it will help advance the communications infrastructure required for academics, industry and educational institutions in conducting lunar research. These aims have potentially wide-ranging implications for many stakeholders and humanity as a whole, and we look forward to working closely with Vodafone and the other partners in the coming months, before the launch in 2019.”

PTScientists CEO and founder Robert Böhme stated that “With Mission to the Moon, we will establish and test the first elements of a dedicated communications network on the moon. The great thing about this LTE solution is that it saves so much power, and the less energy we use sending data, the more we have to do science!”

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