make your mark with youtube

make your mark with youtube

Hey guys, have you heard that YouTube is building a new studio with a different feature and also asking new ideas from its user. If yes then we hope you are excited about it and want to know more about it. In this article, we will give you detailed information about YouTube creator studio and how you can give your suggestion for creating a better version of YouTube studio so that you can make your mark with YouTube studio.


YouTube Studio is the desktop platform that helps to create videos and manage them. With it, all video creators easily manage their channels with design refresh option. Not only this, but YouTube also introduce a “smart” inbox and a new way to shape comments by topic.

As per official news, the design of YouTube Studio will be more refined, with all features that creator community requested earlier. The new “smart” inbox will allow suggestions for helping creators as well as joining with fans. Another new feature will enable creators to manage their comments differently and making it possible to organize by topic.

Access & Test the Beta version of Youtube Studio

So all above is just highlight of features, let’s take a look at each feature in detail:

The new system includes impressions, smarter insight, impressions click-through rates, smarter video management, safe account access and unique viewers.


It measures how many times an uploaded video’s thumbnail has been viewed. (Note that thumbnail means not video but the thumbnail image of the video). As per the product managers, Assaf Reifer and Ezequiel Baril, the results will give you an idea of your potential to reach of your content on YouTube since each response is an opportunity to earn a view.

Smarter insight:

It is one the best feature of YouTube studio. With the help of it, you can do more in less time. You will get customized suggestions so that you can respond at the best time to comments. It is the best way to collaboration suggestions and engages your top fans, and with all that you can grow your audience. These smarter insights give you a chance to manage your channel much more efficiently. Now like top comments, jump into the hot conversation and quickly respond to a popular question in the blink of an eye.

Impressions click-through rate:

It is the percentage of responses on the video thumbnail that shift into an actual view. It helps video creators to determine which video thumbnail images and titles are attracting the highest view rates.

Smarter video management:

Now creator can manage their video smartly in a few clicks. With it, one can edit titles, apply settings, change descriptions and many more in one place, and all at once. All this will be possible with smart filtering and in-line editing; you’d be capable of navigating your channel quickly and make changes in no time.

Safe account access:

Most of the times creators don’t want to share the same level of channels of access to each person of the team. Now it is possible with smarter account access. With it, one would be able to customize who can see sensitive information like revenue, analytics, and more.

Unique viewers:

It reflects the approx. a number of people watching a video over a period. Reifer and Baril aid that one can utilize this data to compare your audience size to your subscribers, and ultimately identify videos that helped reach a wider audience.

All these are the newly included features, but even you can help them to create better studio by giving your opinion. And how is it possible? Just read the following title.


It is easy and straightforward to submit your idea. What you have to do is open the following link, write down your unique idea, and click on submit tab and all done!

You can Submit your Ideas here..!


YouTube Studio’s most likely features include above-listed metrics that will give you a better knowledge of how your videos perform and an all-new Dashboard that gives you all information and personalized news for your channel. Hope you like the idea of make your mark with YouTube studio. What’s your opinion, share it with us. We would like to hear from you, too.