Microsoft launcher for android review

Microsoft launcher for android review

Are you also exciting about Microsoft launcher for android? If yes then we are here to help you because in this article we have covered the Microsoft launcher for android review along with all the upgraded key changes. So be ready friends and keep reading!

Before we go to the review section, first get an idea of what is Microsoft launcher? Microsoft launcher is the upgraded version arrow launcher. Using it, one can personalize their Android device starting from wallpapers to accounts, theme colors to recent activities and many more.



As the Microsoft Launcher gains publicity at the same time, people find that it doesn’t look like windows 10 mobile. But note that it is not a bad thing because Microsoft is not trying to convert android mobile into windows. They are trying to combine Microsoft services into the Android experience with combining some design elements that will be familiar to Windows users. There are options such as accent colors that make your Android device like pc, but they are limited to five options. There is an option of transparent theme, too wit hall transparent design element of windows. So Microsoft launcher makes your android device look or feels like Windows 10.

The consideration to detail that the developers put into the launcher is the easy-to-navigate interface, profile photo that is smoothly shrinking and moving as you scroll through your newsfeed. Not only this but handy pages that user can pin and swipe between using an Android phone. In general, all the design feature makes Android device easier in use and better in look than many other launchers, especially the one that preinstalled on some Android phones.

Microsoft services and devices integration

With the wunderlist and outlook calendar integration, the Microsoft launcher comes with an idea of “Continue on PC” to Android. It lets you start some work on your device and then easily switched to another device. You can push your important document from your device to pc. Even it works well with links even the default browser are different in our android device and pc. When you are listening any song on groove and meanwhile click on “Continue on PC” then the app open on pc and play the same song seamlessly. Other services like calendar, to-do list also works well with it.


If we talk about performance, then some users reported lag while vertically scrolling between their app pages. Even we also find some issue while connecting to a device via Miracast and then disconnecting it. Other than this the launcher is solid, fast and performs well with a simple user interface.

Overall thoughts

Arrow Launcher was good, but the upgraded version that is Microsoft Launcher is even better. Though it is not perfect yes it is well- designed, rich regarding features that help a user to extend their Microsoft experience to and from their Android phone. We wish in next update Microsoft can add more options and features to fill the gap between Android and windows that will enhance user’s phone experience.

Download the Microsoft Launcher for Android here


It is all about Microsoft launcher for Android review. If you are searching for an easy to use a launcher, then we will recommend you to use this launcher if you are good fan of microsoft prodects. We also want to know that what you think about this new update. So share your reviews in the comment section below. Thank you!