Social media for Business: 7 ways social media and your business work together

social media for business - Updates

Are you using social media for business? Yes, then you are yet the right place, let’s see how social media can boost your business.  

When I speak to Online business owners about the importance of social media for business, their major focus is on branding and socializing the business with less money and resources.

They are with a misconception that social media is used only for branding their business and building their reputation.In my opinion, social media is Not only for branding and gaining reputation but also has many advantages which we are going to discuss.

Social media is smarter and almost quick and easy way to gain the attention of the clients, especially for small and medium-size businesses.

7 emerging reasons why you should choose the social media as a primary source to grow your business:

#1 Helping Customers to Understand who you are?

social media for business - who are you

Nobody can explain your business statement better than you. Social media is your home and your amazing media channel to socialize your self.

Social media permits you to connect with your main clients then helps them to start their business with you.It is the right place to showcase your portfolio and also your services.

#2 Building Customer base with Email Marketing

social media for business - email marketing

If you are using social media for business then Email Marketing is the one which you should not avoid, you can use this as a social media news channel. Here’s how good Email marketing works :

  • Increase your Brand Awareness targeting the right Audience
  • You can analyze your growth Easily
  • It is cost effective and easy to start
  • Easy to create Campaigns to stay in touch with customers
  • Update your customers with new offers
  • If you are an ECommerce Business owner Email Marketing is a powerful strategy to grow your sales
  • E-commerce Business can convert customers to repeat customers
  • You can send effective Marketing campaigns

Here is the list of tools, choose the right one for your business:

   Note :

Some of these tools are free to start but are limited to subscribers or days of usage. If you are a beginner, you can choose the tools which are limited to the subscribers to their free versions like MailChimp, Target Hero etc.So you can avail the free usage until the limit of subscriptions reached.

#3 hear back from your customers

social media for business - customer feedback

   The major factor to validate your service is the customer feedback. Unless you speak to your customers or get feedback from your customers you cannot determine how your service is working in the market.

Get your customers attention by hearing their feedback else your competitor may grab their attention.

It is a time taking process to get it done manually from the customers, Whereas we can make use of the various social media platforms to get it done on the go.

There are multiple ways to collect feedback. All the existing social media are providing the futures for liking, sharing and commenting using which we can calculate the customer satisfaction.

#4 Keep your customers updated with your latest products or services

The great thing about social media is, it not only consists of your customers or followers it also has a  large audience who are interested in your products or services.

So updating your latest products and services in social media not only reaches your existing customers but also the huge audience whom you can target.

Always keep your social media accounts updated to reach out maximum audiences. Facebook pages and Twitter are some of the best places to be very active with your latest products or services

#5 Live conversation with clients

social media news - Live Conversations

  In the absence of social media in the earlier days to launch a product or to promote your new services, you use to run to television or newspaper media.

It’s not that nowadays, you have several options to host your own live program using social media without spending even a penny for it. You can also interact with customers with live conversation which is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers.

some of the best options to host your live session are as follows :

#6 Social Media News

social media news

   Reputed news channels are following the social media for news nowadays like facebook, twitter (mostly) and youtube for viral videos.

Social media is very powerful when compared to the Television and newspaper media. Not only powerful but also free of cost, you can speak about your services and products to the audience with your blog writings and sharing them on the social media, It can be your virtual news channel to extend your customer base.


#7 Create Events and offer invitations

Are you hosting an event to display your work and products to your stakeholders and customers?

undoubtedly social media gives you an opportunity to create events and share across the social media.People interested in your products or services from all around the globe can attend your event.

Be little creative while creating events. To grab the attention of the social audience by  Pictures and recordings, which are frequently more captivating than content.

Creating events using facebook and google plus is made much easier and is as follows :

  • Facebook Events

social media news - facebook events

social media for business - google plus events

#Bonus Notes :

  • Giveaways are one of the best ways to gain the attention of the visitors
  • you can choose the best Social media platform which suits your business
  • Don’t miss at least a chance to collect the emails from the visitors
  • Concentrate on Email campaigns to avoid losing existing customers

#Social Media for Business – Infographics :

Social Media for Business - Infographics

#Final Words :

In conclusion, If you aren’t using social media for your business (even a small or medium scale), you are losing your potential customers as you are lack of strong online presence.

If you haven’t started a business and looking to start one from home. Here are some ideas for you.Once you start, take all the advantages as listed above of the social media to enhance it.

Please Drop your comments down here for any suggestions or if you want me to create a detailed post on any specific topic.