what’s new in Angular 5?

what's new in angular 5

Angular is a JavaScript framework that is commonly used by developers all around the globe for building desktop, mobile and web applications. And in this article, we will discuss the new features, several other changes, and deprecations of Angular 5. So let’s check out what’s new in Angular 5?


Google built and maintained Angular, and it is a floor that combines dependency injection, declarative templates, end-to-end tooling, and combined best practices to take challenges and solve problems related to development. Web platforms such as Google Fiber, Google Adwords, and WincAdsense use Angular to build their friendly user interfaces.

If we talk about the Angular 5, then it was announced on November 1, 2017, and the previous version of Angular was 4.4.0. This newly released version focused on making Angular faster and smaller to use. Let’s go through the significant changes and updates in version 5

Http Deprecated, HttpClient Here to Stay:

The HttpClient API features include:

  • Comprising the support and concurrent typed response of body access, for JSON body types.
  • Flash-based testing framework and post-request verifying.
  • Interceptors permit middleware logic to include into the pipeline.
  • Progress events for both response download and request upload.
  • Immutable request or/and response objects.
  • If we talk about JSON, then it is an expected default and no longer needs to be explicitly parsed.

Support for Many Export Alias in Angular 5:

You can now give multiple names to your directives and components while transshipping In Angular 5. It can support your users move without breaking changes.

Internationalized Number, Date, and Currency Pipes

The current version of angular that is Angular 5 comes with a different date, number, and currency pipes which increase uniformity across browsers and exclude the need for i18n polyfills

Improved Decorator Support in Angular 5

It supports interpretation lowering in decorators for lambdas, and the value of useFactory, data, and useValue in object literals. Moreover, a lambda can be practiced instead of a named function.

Build Optimization

The Angular5 focused on making it faster, smaller, and easier to use. So you can apply to the build optimizer by default. Also, the build optimizer eliminates part of your application that not needed during runtime via tree-shaking. This action leads to faster application speed and also decreased bundle size.

Angular Universal Transfer API

The Angular team has added Domino to the platform-server and ServerTransferStateModule and BrowserTransferModule to Angular Universal. It can transfer state from the server so that developers don’t require to make a second HTTP request once the app makes it to the client.

Faster Compiler in Angular 5

Many changes have made to make the Angular compiler faster. The Angular compiler now leverages TypeScript transforms.

Forms Validation in Angular 5

In Angular 5, forms can decide when the value and validity of a form or field are updated via on submit or on blur instead of every input event.

Animations in Angular 5

In Angular 5, Animation queries support negative limits, in which case elements are matched from the end instead of from the beginning, and we have two new transition aliases;

:increment and :decrement.

New Router Lifecycle Events in Angular 5

Few new lifecycle events have been added to the router like ChildActivationStart, GuardsCheckStart, ResolveEnd, ActivationStart, ResolveStart, GuardsCheckEnd, ActivationEnd, and ChildActivationEnd. With these events, developers can trace the cycle of the router from the starting to completion of the activation.

Better Support for Service Workers in Angular 5

In Angular 5, developers get better support for service workers via the[@angular/service-worker](https://github.com/angular/angular/tree/master/packages/service-worker)package.


WE can get a detailed information on this update at angular official blog here So Angular 5 comes with many amazing new features and significant improvements. It is smaller and faster. Share your thoughts using the comment section and let us know. Thank you!